Class Schedule & Booking

Essential Flow Pilates

The foundation for today and tomorrow.

A fundamentals class, where we review the principles of Pilates. It's a great place to start if new to Pilates / routine exercise. These classes focus on establishing: mind body awareness, correct engagement of the core, and mobilization of the spine. This is your place to start if new to pilates or exercise. Get stronger with each class!

Dynamic Flow Pilates

Continue building on your foundation.

A class that focuses on developing muscular strength and endurance through building on the foundational movements and principles taught in the essential classes.

Strength Pilates

For those with pilates experience and a good understanding of the fundamentals of pilates. These classes will focus on challenging muscular endurance, balance, control and coordination. 

Wind Down Pilates

Consider this your perfect start to a relaxing evening and good night's rest. This class is welcome to all levels, bodies and minds. This an hour to zen out, to connect back into your body, and to stretch and mobilize all muscles from head to toe. Expect to leave class with a sense of calm and openness in your body. 

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